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Consulting And Deal Making

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What this course and training will do for you:

You are about to embark on an exciting journey... It is a well-trodden path but offers you adventure, discovery and the potential to set yourself up for life.

You have the opportunity to learn the Alchemy Business Consulting & Deal Making System. A system that can positively change your life as you master it and impact on those who become your clients and business partners.

If you take advantage of the offer below, you will benefit from world-class training and receive the complete Alchemy system blueprints that not only instruct you in consulting and coaching but also in advanced business development methods, entrepreneurship and in the achievement of success itself.

Like others before you, all you need to do to is to follow the step-by-step guides, instructions and videos. The course also provides you with a huge toolkit, manuals, systems, support and many other resources to help and assist you in building your own 7 figure business.

Here's just one of the powerful strategies you will learn to use:
The Multi-Million $ Business Capitalisation Blueprint...

You will discover how to rapidly take just about any business and systematically make a huge windfall of capital in just months... AND get a large chunk for yourself... Then you can do it again, and again and again...

This is just one of many out-of-the box, attention-grabbing and millionaire deal making strategies that you will learn on the Alchemy Consulting and Deal Making (and Franchising) training.

You will learn the entire strategy, system and techniques of Business Capitalisation in this program...


Consulting and coaching is tough... But there is a solution!

In this crowded market of consulting and coaching unless you are established in the industry then generating clients can be difficult. Business owners are constantly hounded by consultants and coaches looking for new clients. Unless you have something fresh and new to offer you will be just another voice that adds to the background noise.

So, to succeed, it is of vital importance that you have a point of difference... Better yet, MANY points of difference... A uniqueness that sets you apart from everyone else!

You need to have a far better:

- Approach
- Message
- Offer
- System

Your story must instantly convey and convince them that you HAVE SOMETHING VERY VALUABLE THEY HAVE NOT HEARD BEFORE!

And, to do that you REALLY MUST have that something special.

Alchemy offers it to you... It gives you real distinction with a message, methods and vehicle to be head and shoulders above everyone else.

Now, learn how below...

Here is a list of distinctive businesses that the Alchemy System will train you to do:

Business Consultant
Marketing Trainer
Business Coach
Deal Maker
Joint Venture Broker
Joint Venture Partner
Franchising Consultant
Business Capitalization Specialist
Business Systemization Consultant
Executive Coach
Business Fast Cash Specialist
Business Investor

All the materials, tools and resources are provided on the course for your use and profit.

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The Complete Alchemy Consulting, Coaching, Joint Venturing and Deal Making Systems... *

These are the very same 7 figure systems with all the training, tools, processes, client generators and all the other materials as used - and still used - by successful consultants around the world! This is the same program that many paid as much as $63,000 (£47,500) to acquire.

With this program you get the entire course with over 40 training videos and a library of manuals, guides, worksheets, spreadsheets, forms, powerpoints, client agreements, client generators... The whole lot...

And it is just $1277 (approx £991) OR 4 monthly instalment payments of $367. Plus, you get a no-risk, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee!

Take a moment to review all the course contents below...

* AND NOW, with the BONUS Alchemy Franchising System too!

"It's Huge! Everything You Need To Run And Operate A Successful
Business Consulting Practice... From Scratch!”

Every business wants to grow and develop! Helping them to do so is a multi-billion market. Now, you can join this lucrative industry in a professional capacity with the Alchemy Consultant and Deal Maker training!

With this program-learning online study course, you can take the training at your own pace and acquire the knowledge, know-how and confidence to build your own successful practice.

As an Alchemy trained Consultant and Deal Maker you will be able to master a proven, time-tested and powerful system to help businesses large and small to grow, develop and prosper.

And, with them, so will you...

"Life Changing..."

The Alchemy training can transform you into a highly skilled business consultant with the knowledge, capacity and tools to earn 7 figure fees ! Many others have achieved big successes immediately following this life-changing training course (just read the testimonials).

Furthermore, the course is designed so that as you are working through the training you can be lining up your first meetings using the advanced client generation systems... You could literally be sitting down in front of your first clients within days!!!

PLUS... As A Special Bonus, You Will Receive The 'How To Franchise A Businesses' Training Too!

Just look around, franchises are everywhere - and increasing every day! They make staggering amounts of money... Even the small ones!

MOST businesses, regardless of industry or size, can be franchised (or licensed) and jump at the opportunity when approached BUT:

‣  Many believe that franchising is only for the BIG BOYS, or

‣  They don't know where to find specialist help, or

‣  They have not even considered franchising... Until someone like you suggests it!

This is a wide open market and very few people on the planet have the training or a time-tested system to manage the entire franchising process - from launch to worldwide success!

DAA NOTE from David Abingdon:

Franchise Consulting is an absolutely HUGE emerging opportunity...

There is MEGA-MONEY in consulting and assisting businesses to franchise. I know, because I've done it and I've made millions from it!

From scratch, I have launched three worldwide franchises, several national franchises and helped many others (directly and indirectly) to do the same around the world.

Now, with the Alchemy Franchising program, I will show you how to do it too!

You can read more about the program and system below...

Just $1277 (approx £991) OR 4 monthly instalment payments of $367. Plus, you get a no-risk, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee!


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Carl 1Carl Allen acquired equity in several companies and made £1.1 million in his first 18 months as a Consultant and Deal Maker...  He was also given a brand new Porsche Cayenne (as part payment) by one of his clients.

Frazer 1Frazer Fearnhead landed a Directorship with a 40% equity deal and retainer after completing his Consultant and Deal Maker training. Now founder and MD of a crowd funding company.

Dawn H 1Over the two months following her training, Dawn Hopkins landed 5 consulting and deal making clients with monthly retainers and a percentage of their gross revenues.

George Stam 1George Stamatakis from Melbourne used the training and strategies to gain equity and directorships in 6 companies and earned in excess of $1.2 million over a 12 month period as a Consultant and Deal Maker.

You Receive The Complete And Comprehensive Consulting, Coaching And Deal Making Systems...

1. Business Consulting: An Intense But Engrossing Course

Enrolling in this program gives more than access to a bunch of manuals, videos and materials, it also provides you with cutting-edge strategies and business growth methods that REALLY work.

Tried, tested and proven over and over by the many of the worlds most successful business consultants, coaches and deal makers, the contents of these programs has been worth many millions to them and even more to the companies that they have assisted.

Now, you can do the same! Here's just some of what you will learn...

  • The exact step-by-step consulting system used by some of the most successful business consultants in the world
  • Client acquisition made easy… You will master many of the most powerful, impressive and compelling client generation strategies… Ever!
  • A complete marketing and consulting 101... A comprehensive grounding in business development marketing and principles
  • How to quickly build personal recognition and reputation by prepositioning yourself, in the eyes of your prospects, as the expert, authority and seasoned professional.
  • An extensive toolbox of manuals, guides, forms, worksheets, presentations, templates, spreadsheets and many other resource materials
  • How to maximise your fees and even receive a percentage of the extra profits that you create for your clients. (NOTE: This strategy alone made David Abingdon and many of his students and protégés millionaires!)
  • The Alchemy Fast Track blueprint that gets you out there and in front of clients fast!
  • And much, much more…

2. Deal Making: Your Key To Wealth In Consulting...

What is Deal Making?

Simply put, 'deal making' is whole different approach to consulting, client generation and the client relationship. Instead of being subservient to your clients you are in effect a partner, equity participant or joint venturer.

Deal Making transforms you into an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. This is how the very big money is made by those that adopt the deal making mindset and use the principles contained in this program.

The Deal Making sections of the course will walk you through all the steps you need to begin using and profiting from 'making deals'.

  • How to use Deal Making to acquire businesses with NO MONEY DOWN. You will be shocked when you see just how simple this really is.
  • How to get retainers, performance fees AND UPFRONT EQUITY from clients – HINT: They will actually want to give it to you!
  • How Deal Making can put you in the ‘BIG LEAGUE’ and why it is a closely kept SECRET of the high-flying entrepreneurs.
  • Discover the 3 simple deal making strategies that are more lucrative, more exciting and more personally rewarding than just about anything else!
  • How an easy-to-use Joint Venturing twist can land you an absolute fortune - with NO COMPETITION and limitless opportunities...
  • Why helping clients to CAPITALISE (EXIT) their business can be the ultimate money-making strategy for them - AND for you!
  • The 1,2,3 of instantly identifying, qualifying and closing the HOTTEST and most lucrative deals WITHOUT the TIME WASTERS.
  • PLUS, an absolute GOLD MINE of many more high income strategies, techniques and knowhow that you won’t find anywhere else and can you can turn into cash today!

3. SPECIAL BONUS - Franchise Consulting: How To Do What Others Can't Do...

This is $22,000+ information and is my most valuable Intellectual Property... Here's why:

There is franchise training out there at a cost of $22,000+ (check it out if you don’t believe me) for only a part of the information that you will master here. Furthermore, they will also charge you ongoing fees from all that you earn! BUT not here...

You will get the entire Alchemy Franchising System complete with video training, step-by-step instructions, manuals, guides, tools, processes, prospecting systems, scripts, fee sheets, agreements, templates, client questionnaires, worksheets, operations manual software, support and much more!

PLUS, you will also receive the Alchemy Deal Making and Consulting program (see details about this below)

Here is what you will learn:

  • A thorough, comprehensive and expert grounding in how franchising works: The theory, practice, law, structure, process, operations and more
  • Where to find the hungry crowds of prospective franchising clients
  • An almost unbelievably simple and low cost client generation system that achieved an 80% response rate!
  • The difference between Franchising and Licensing and why you need to get it right.
  • The secret method to getting a franchise started WITHOUT the need to pilot or to even have a business! This alone has the potential to fast forward your clients success by years!
  • How to use a little known exciting franchising mechanism to catapult and accelerate the success of a franchise almost instantly (This made me hundreds of thousands within weeks of implementation!)
  • How to use our proprietary automated software to create franchise Operations Manuals that you can charge your clients upwards of several thousand and save time and hassle!
  • How to grow a franchise into a global operation within months (I've done it three times!)
  • What fees to charge for your services and how to get a (BIG) piece of the action!
  • How to help clients recruit franchisees and rake in even more fees (you will learn how)!
  • Ongoing support (If you want, will even partner with you on interesting projects).

Just $1277 (approx £991) OR 4 monthly instalment payments of $367. Plus, you get a no-risk, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee!


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A note from David Abingdon...

DAWhat to expect from this course:

Here's a little story from my book 'Out Of The Box Marketing' that you may find illustrates the mindset that you will gain from the course and how it will help you develop as a lateral thinking consultant and a successful Deal Maker:

Out-Of-the-box-marketing-1-188x300"American astronauts upon first going into space soon discovered that their pens didn’t work in zero gravity. So NASA embarked upon a program to invent a writing instrument that would work in outer space... After spending millions of dollars and burning thousands of man-hours on research and engineering, they finally developed a "pump pen" that could write anything, anywhere, at any angle.

Meanwhile, in the secret laboratories behind the Iron Curtain, Soviet Union scientists casually took note of the researches of their American counterparts. They spent almost no time and no money solving this problematic dilemma. They already had the answer, their cosmonauts used…pencils."

You now have the opportunity to apply this same principle to your life, business, but most importantly, other people's businesses!

I have learnt over the years that it is your 'difference' and your ability to apply 'different' and 'innovative' techniques and ideas that makes you different to all the rest.

If nothing else, this course, and particularly the deal making sections, will give you that difference so that you stand head and shoulders above the rest!

I have no doubt, and others I have trained agree, that if I (and they) have enjoyed success as a consultant and deal maker, it is because of this very principle.

This program will help you understand it, absorb it and implement it!

Let's get the ball rolling!


Described as 'The Millionaires MBA'

AND THERE MORE... The program introduces you to revealing real-life case studies of ordinary people showing you how they used this same 'insider information' and system to earn staggering fees and equity.

Be assured that you are in for a treat because this course gives you access to the same methods and techniques for you to apply right away!

What You Will Receive: The Course Content And Materials...

Learn more about the course  training videos and
resource folders here (click the tabs):

Click the tabs above for more details about the course content >>>

Marketing 101 – A Primer In Out Of The Box Guru Marketing 

The Marketing 101 is a complete and comprehensive grounding in Alchemy cutting edge marketing and business development principles and strategies. It will arm you with all the basics and give you the grounding you need to be recognized as an expert in your field.

With knowledge comes self-assurance and with the 101 you will certainly have plenty of both. When you are confident about what you know – that confidence is contagious.

The training is divided into 3 x 30 min (approx) videos plus a shorter video:

1. Understanding REAL Marketing
This first video introduces you to some of the key marketing concepts including the little known ‘Clutter Factor’.

2. Alchemy Marketing Principles – Part 1
This video examines some of the principles in marketing and in particular highlights the many challenges that businesses fail to resolve or even recognise.

3. Alchemy Marketing Principles – Part 2
This second part continues in clearly articulating the principles in marketing for your use.

4. The Market For Your Services
Who is your market? How big is it? What’s the potential? You’ll be amazed!

5. Resources Folder
These materials accompany this section and are all available for download.

26 Marketing Mistakes
A 55 page guide to the common marketing mistakes that are costing entrepreneurs literally millions in lost revenue and profit each and every day.

Ad Comparison Test
Take the test, check your answer and then learn why one ad massively outperformed the other.

The Marketing Power Guide
101 pages of powerful, timeless and illuminating content. Become the acknowledged ‘expert’ by understanding and absorbing these 38 concepts of pure marketing genius.

The Keys To A Successful Consulting Career
A primer on setting up your consulting & coaching business. It includes the 8 key steps to consulting success, Establishing your business, Setting up your base of operations and more.

The Fast Track System – The Quick Way To Consulting Success

The dynamic Fast Track system gives you what you exactly need to get off to a flying start. Just join the dots by following the simple step-by-step process.

It includes all the tools, materials and training you’ll require to quickly identifying, converting and working with your first clients. Our only aim is to get you out there, get you clients and get you on the road to the kind of income and lifestyle you deserve. With Fast Track, you’ll get real hands on experience while you get the quick wins that you want and need

1. Overview
Introducing the Fast Track system. An overview of the steps.

2. Acquisition.
Quick and simple ‘relationship’ methods in finding your first prospects and clients.

3. Position.
How to sort prospective clients into ‘Hots’ and ‘Nots’ and gaining your first appointments.

4. Meeting.
How to conduct your first meeting with a prospect and turning them into a client.

5. Research.
Discovering more about your new client’s business and running and using the Confidential Business Audit.

6. Implementation.
How to do the ‘do’. The Fast Track consulting 101 and putting together a plan of action to grow your clients business.

7. Management.
Maintaining the growth and development of the business and the relationship with the client.

8. Summary.
Reviewing the 6 steps to Fast Track success.

9. The Orientation Presentation.
A role play example of how to present the powerpoint presentation at the appointment. Lots of anecdotes and stories for you to use… Plus, how to close and negotiating your fees.

10. Resource Folder
These materials accompany this section and are all available for download.

Fast Track Road Map

Telephone Qualifier

Fast Track Manual

Fast Track Client Implementation Guide

Progress Report

Business Network 100

Client Agreement

Fast Track Client Generation

Meeting Letter/Email

Client Powerpoint Orientation

Positioning Yourself As An Expert And Authority

A step-by-step ROADMAP to put you ON THE MAP.

These proprietary strategies will preposition you – even before you meet a prospect or client – as the expert, the authority and the seasoned professional. Your profile in your community will be quickly elevated as a the ‘go-to guy or girl’.

Learn how to establish your reputation as an Expert and Authority in the field of business consultancy. Raising your profile is essential and here’s the tools to do it.

1: Positioning Yourself As The Expert & Authority
Who are we to our clients and why experience is not required.

2: Positioning Tools
Tools that will preposition you as the recognised expert and authority.

3: Positioning Client Generation Strategies
Powerful methods to get prospects to approach you to become your clients.

4: Bonus Video
How to read people and establish rapid rapport.

5: Resources
These materials accompany this section and are all available for download.

Qualifier Checklist

Meeting Letter/Email v.2.

Business Growth Analysis Sheet

Business Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Process

Positioning Client Generation Strategies Guide

The Complete Alchemy TALISMAN Consulting & Coaching Training

The immense TALISMAN step-by-step consulting and coaching system consists of 3 jam-packed volumes of 23 modules outlining the complete business development system plus a powerpoint training presentations for you to use with your clients – and other valuable resources.

1: Talisman – Introduction and Module 1
‘How To Use The TALISMAN Business Acceleration System’ and ‘Getting Ready For Success’

2: Talisman – Modules 2 & 3
‘Niche Marketing’ and ‘Unique Selling Proposition’

3: Talisman – Modules 4 & 5
‘Transferring The Features Of Your Product Or Service Into Sizzling Benefits’ and ‘Risk Reversal’

4: Talisman – Modules 6 & 7
‘Testimonials’ and ‘Irresistible Offers’

5: Talisman – Modules 8, 9 & 10
‘Your Lead Generation Strategy’, ‘Setting Your Objectives To Give You Direction’ and ‘Budgeting’

6: Talisman – Modules 11 & 12
‘Selecting Your Lead Generation Tools’ and ‘How To Multiply The Results Of Your Lead Generation Super System’

7: Talisman – Modules 13 & 14
‘Sales Conversion’ and ‘Pricing Your Product Or Service’

8: Talisman – Modules 15, 16 & 17
‘Case Studies’, ‘Qualification Questions’ and ‘Responding’

9: Talisman – Module 18
‘The TALISMAN Sales System’

10: Talisman – Modules 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23
‘Creating Your Sales Conversion Letter’, ‘Follow Up’, ‘Selecting Additional Sales Conversion Strategies’, ‘Maximise The Income And Profit From New And Existing Clients Or Customers’ & ‘Improving Profit Margins’

11: Talisman – Business First Aid
Business First Aid: Fast Cash Strategies

12: Resources Folder
These materials accompany this section and are all available for download.

Talisman Consulting Process




TALISMAN Workbook – Volume 1

TALISMAN Workbook – Volume 2

TALISMAN Client Agreement

TALISMAN Client Training Powerpoint

TALISMAN Orientation Powerpoint

Advanced Client Generation

The Holy Grail of the Business Consultant.  How do you find clients? Problem solved. Here’s some of the most powerful and compelling client generation strategies ever.

You’ll gain instant methods that will get your phone ringing fast. You’ll know exactly how to do it. No knocking on doors, no pounding the pavement, no cold-calling.

This section shows you how to locate clients and get them to work with you!

1: Client Generation – Strategy Review
A review of the client generation strategies detailed in the Fast Track System and in Positioning.

2: Client Generation – More Strategies (Part 1)
New client generation strategies to get your phone ringing.

3: Client Generation – More Strategies (Part 2)
More new client generation strategies.

4: Client Generation – Pick Of The Best
David Abingdon offers his top choices in client generation strategies.

5: Client Generation – Targeted Lead Generation
The Targeted Lead Generator is a convenient and super-fast 
lead generation application. Simply enter a business type and location and you get a highly-
targeted list.

6: Resources
These materials accompany this section and are all available for download.


Press Releases

CV Fax

Other Faxes

Joint Venture Letter

More Client Generation Strategies

Telephone Marketing Script

Email & Name Gathering Script

Targeted Lead Generator Application
The Targeted Lead Generator Application – Simply enter a business type and location and you get a highly-
targeted list.

The World Of Deal Making

If you have always wondered how the “Big Players” swing all those lucrative business deals this may just blow your mind. Making cash-generating deals is easy when you know how… Here is your chance to join the high-flyer club with deal making made simple.

1: Deal Making (Part 1) – The Ultimate Opportunity
In this first video you will discover what ‘Deal Making’ is, how to become a Deal Maker and how to find deals.

2: Deal Making (Part 2) – A Wealth Of Opportunities
In part 2, we explore the many exciting opportunities that are open to you by using the deal making methodology and mindset.

3: Resources
These materials accompany this section and are all available for download.

Deal Making Manual

Deal Making Checklist

Asset Redeployment Specialist Guide

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Buying & Selling A Business

Joint Venturing – One Of The Greatest Business Strategies

Discover the staggeringly simple process of Joint Venturing. You will learn the the art of leveraging joint ventures as a key for creating wealth for yourself and others!

1. Joint Venturing
JV’s! An inspiring and stunningly powerful process that you can use to generate huge amounts of sales and profits… From nothing!!!

2. Resources
These materials accompany this section and are all available for download.

Joint Venture Guide

Examples Of Potential JV’s

Business Capitalisation – Cashing In On Cashing In

Conventional thinking shows that a business person builds their business over 15, 20 or 25 years and sells it when they get old and retire.

Why so long? Because most of them either don’t know or have not thought of selling it earlier – that is, when they are young and can REALLY enjoy the money!

That’s where we come in!

1: Business Capitalisation – Part 1
The first of this two part video details the fundamentals of Business Capitalisation

2: Business Capitalisation – Part 2
The second of this two part video offers the main concepts and the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Business Capitalisation.

Business Systemisation – The Way To Long Term Security

The long term success and development of a business comes down to one thing: Systemisation. Without this the owner can never be free of the drudgery of being ‘hands on’ in the business. Systemisation transforms a small business into a big business.

These sessions and tools provide you with the know how and the resources to create the processes, policies and procedures necessary for implementing this transformation.

1: Business Systemisation – Part 1
Part 1 looks at why auto-piloting a business by systemising processes, procedures and plans is essential to capitalisation and the exit strategy.

2: Business Systemisation – Part 2
Part 2 of business systemisation explores the 101 of systemising and how to move a business towards the goal of capitalising through sale, floatation or franchising.

3: Resources Folder
These materials accompany this section and are all available for download.

Systemisation Manual

Systems  Guide

Check out the huge volume of manuals, guides, processes,
how to's, tools and other materials here (click the tabs):

Click the tabs above for more details about the course materials and resources >>>


40 information packed video with detailed step-by-step instructions covering all sections of the programs.



The Keys To A Successful Consulting Career

26 Marketing Mistakes

The Marketing Power Guide

Fast Track Manual

Fast Track Client Implementation Guide

Fast Track Client Generation

Positioning Client Generation Strategies Guide




More Client Generation Strategies

Deal Making Manual

Asset Redeployment Specialist Guide

Buying & Selling A Business

Joint Venture Guide

Systemisation Manual

Marketing Strategies Encyclopaedia

Fees – How To Get Paid



You will also have access to 8 training sessions. These are pre-recorded webinars with additional strategies, methods and resource materials, including:

How To Get Paid

Using The Business Growth Calculator

The First Client Meeting

Extra Client Generation Techniques

Generating Fast Cash For Quick Results

Presenting The TALISMAN Orientation

Using The TALISMAN Client Training Presentation

How To Run Seminars


Ad Comparison Test

Fast Track Road Map

Telephone Qualifier

Progress Report

Qualifier Checklist

Meeting Letter/Email v.2.

Business Growth Analysis Sheet

Business Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Process

TALISMAN Consulting Process

Deal Making Checklist

Systems  Guide

Business Growth Calculator App

Fast Cash Calculator App

Lifetime Value Calculator App



Client Agreement

TALISMAN Client Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Client Powerpoint Orientation

TALISMAN Client Training Powerpoint

Confidential Business Audit

TALISMAN Orientation Powerpoint


TALISMAN Workbook – Volume 1

TALISMAN Workbook – Volume 2

Confidential Business Audit


Meeting Letter/Email

Business Network 100


Press Releases

CV Fax

Other Faxes

Joint Venture Letter

Examples Of Potential JV’s

Telephone Marketing Script

Email & Name Gathering Script

Targeted Lead Generator App

Just $1277 (approx £991) OR 4 monthly instalment payments of $367. Plus, you get a no-risk, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee!


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Your Trainer And Guide: David Abingdon

One Company Paid David Abingdon a consulting fee of £1.27 million and with good reason...
He made them £35 million!

DAMany of us have a wish list, David Abingdon, founder of Insurety PLC, Quantum Organization and Alchemy, is one of the few people who knows how to turn that wish list into reality.

Over the last twenty one years David has trained in excess of 3500 people from all walks of life and from around the world in marketing, sales, deal making and of course; consulting, by using the powerful methods, systems and techniques of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and business consultants.

Directly and indirectly, he’s helped thousands of businesses, consultants and coaches gain enormous success and earn staggering amounts of money. He has also personally taken three business ventures from zero to multi-million dollar companies – each in less than 12 months.

In his progression to business consulting, David moved through a number of sales, business ownership and marketing management roles. Identifying marketing as the key to business, David says: “No matter what the type of company, the acquisition of customers is the real business… All businesses are in the sales and marketing business.”

David has appeared and provided expert opinion on TV, radio and in some of the worlds most prestigious newspapers and magazines.

DA Montage copy 2More recently he was featured as the philanthropic millionaire in the acclaimed Channel 4 documentary ‘How The Other Half Live’, shown around the world - see it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/f76asCz-ZwY

David has written many proprietary business programs, manuals and even a college handbook on marketing. He is author of the breakthrough business book; ‘Out Of The Box Marketing’ available in many languages through booksellers and Amazon.

Once enrolled you will be sent your login credentials to the exclusive members website which provides you with instant access to the entire course and materials.

Got a question? Email David personally at: david@AlchemyBusinessConsulting.net