"How To Build A 7 Figure Consulting, Coaching & Deal Making Business From Scratch..."

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David Abingdon took four businesses from zero to multimillion enterprises in less than than twelve months including two worldwide consulting and coaching companies.

As a Business Consultant and Deal Maker he made one client over £35 ($42) Million in just two and half years. For this he was paid in excess of £1.27 ($1.7) Million in fees.

Over the last twenty one years David has trained in excess of 3500 people from all walks of life and from around the world in marketing, sales, deal making and of course; consulting, by using the powerful methods, systems and techniques of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and business consultants.

David is author of the breakthrough business book 'Out Of The Box Marketing' (available on Amazon and bookstores) and has contributed and provided expert opinion & comment on TV, radio and other media. He was also featured in the Channel 4 documentary ‘How The Other Half Live’, shown around the world.