The Ultimate Career Course
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Consulting And Deal Making

The Free Alchemy Training Program

VIDEO 1: 7 Figure Consulting & Dealmaking MasterClass

Here is everything you need to know to become a recognised and authoritative business consultant and deal maker...

VIDEO 2: Positioning Yourself & Gaining Recognition As The Expert

Being seen as the 'seasoned professional' and 'authority' is your ultimate goal to achieving success. Learn how to make this possible in this invaluable video.
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VIDEO 3: Doing Deals, Joint Ventures & Gaining Equity As A Deal Maker

The ultimate in creating money from nothing. This video demonstrates how to to turn a business relationship into an equity deal or a joint venture partnership. Not to be missed!
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VIDEO 4: The Alchemy System - Bringing It All Together

More great tips and examples. This video ties everything together and shows you how to take the next step in 7 figure consulting, coaching and deal making.

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